Art In Motion Dance Center

Fall/Winter 2020 Covid-19 Protocols


ONLY Dancers and Staff are allowed in the building. Parents, please remain in your car or on the porch/in the yard. If on the porch, please keep the volume down when windows are open.


Students waiting between or after classes will be asked to wait outside, weather permitting.


Do not send dancers into the building more than 5-10 minutes before their class time. 


All students will have their temperature taken when entering the building. Any student with a temperature of 100.5 or higher will be asked to go home.


Hand sanitizing will be required upon entering or exiting dance rooms.


Our water cooler will not be available. Please bring your own labeled water bottle.


Please send as little as possible into the building with your dancer. A water bottle and dance shoes are all he or she needs!


All staff and students age 10 and over are required to wear a mask while in the building. This includes while dancing. While it is encouraged, parents may choose whether dancers under age 10 wear a mask. 


AIM staff members may need to ‘spot’ your student in certain classes. The staff member will sanitize his/her hands before doing so. If you prefer this not be done, please notify Jessica.


Restrooms, barres, mats and floors will be wiped down in between uses.


A building monitor will be on duty at all times to assist with these protocols.


Please keep your dancer home if he/she is experiencing

any signs of illness!